The fifth class

We carry out an activity about Picasso’s history and played in kahoot!.

I remember, for example:

  • He was born in Malaga, Spain, in 1881.
  • He died in France in 1973.
  • The blue period and the rose period.
  • Cubism was the next style of painting that Picasso’s developed and made famous.
  • Picasso made a paint about civil war of Spain; the name of the paint is “Guernica”.

The Kahoot´s questions was:

  • Where was Picasso from?
    He was born Malaga, Spain.
  • When did the Rose Period begin?
    It began when Picasso felt in love.
  • How old was Picasso when he died?
    He was in his nineties when he died.
  • What is cubism?
    It´s an important period in the history of modern art.
  • What did Picasso use to do when he was a child?
    When he was a child, he used to paint and draw.
  • Pablo Picasso was one of the greatest artists of the…
    Twentieth century.
  • And other questions.



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